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Patient Welcome

Patient Welcome

On behalf of the Board of the PMP Research Foundation, we would like to welcome you to our Foundation’s website.

Our organization exists to support and fund promising research that moves us toward a cure for pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP), appendix cancer, and related peritoneal surface malignancies (PSM). We also endeavor to support the PMP, appendix cancer and PSM community of patients and their caregivers by providing the latest, most accurate information about the best practices in managing their disease.

Thirty years ago, peritoneal surface malignancy was considered a death sentence. The average life expectancy used to be three years. Now, due to the development of a special combination surgery (Cytoreductive Surgery, or “CRS”) in conjunction with localized chemotherapy (Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy, or “HIPEC”), more and more patients have a chance to live for many years beyond their initial diagnosis.

Today, 70% of those PMP patients with the least invasive tumor pathology (DPAM) may experience an astonishing disease-free survival rate of 20+ years when they benefit from this combined approach. However, although survival rates are improving we are still not where we would like to be.

It is our goal to see a radical improvement in survival rates for all types of PMP, appendix cancer and PSMs. However, we face a number of obstacles. The medical community lacks accurate diagnostic tools in relation to PMP, appendix cancer and PSMs, which often leads to later diagnosis and less-than-optimal treatment. The diagnosis of PMP, appendix cancer and PSM is so rare and yet the symptoms so common that the disease diagnosis is frequently missed and/or misdiagnosed as ovarian cysts/tumors, inguinal hernias, appendicitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and more.

Further, many radiologists who are unfamiliar with the specifics of PMP may not recognize the presence of the disease in diagnostic imaging. Pathologists who may go through their entire career without a single case of PMP are also undertrained with respect to its detection.

In addition to diagnostic issues, there is still no overarching agreement among the medical community regarding the best practice and management of this disease. There is also a large void between the judgment and expertise of those specialists with extensive experience in treating the disease and the general medical community, especially general surgeons and surgical oncologists, which prohibits some patients from obtaining the best possible treatment.

Here you will find valuable information regarding this disease and how you can help in the fight to find a cure for all who suffer from PMP, appendix cancer and PSMs. Through, the PMP Research Foundation is dedicated to improving all PMP, appendix cancer and PSM patients’ odds against this disease by:

  1. Keeping physicians and patients well informed, and
  2. Supporting research that will improve curability for all who have PMP, appendix cancer and other peritoneal surface malignancies.

Together we can make a difference. Please help our mission to be successful!